Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Stepford Husband

I don’t write a lot about my husband, mainly to respect his privacy. He does not suffer from my sometimes irritating personality trait that causes me to share everything that runs through my mind. I also, however, refrain from writing about him to protect my marriage’s privacy. There is something sacred between us that would somehow be diminished if I shared too many details of the part of our lives spent between just he and I. I’m going to make an exception today in honor of Valentine’s Day. Here are just a few reasons I love him … still.

1) He loves me. The me with no makeup wearing the mismatched sweats I sleep in.

2) He made me a mother.

3) He cries when he gives me gifts that he knows touch my heart.

4) He gets my son’s humor.

5) He gets my daughter’s intensity.

6) He trusts me.

7) He believes I look better than I do.

8) He still calls me the same nickname he picked for me in college.

9) He makes me laugh.

10) He not only helps me take care of my dad, but has opened our home and rearranged our lives to integrate him into our immediate family.

11) He works harder than anyone I know.

12) He makes me believe every day that I will grow old with the only man that ever lifted my veil.

13) He dried my tears and gave me hope the day we buried a tiny white velvet coffin that contained our first baby boy.

14) He told me once I was smart.

15) He always gives me a serious card and a funny card on Valentine’s Day. (I like the funny one’s the most.)

16) He pooper scoops the backyard.

17) He clips our children’s fingernails and toenails.

18) He sleeps with six pillows.

19) He doesn’t allow me to be totally dependent upon him. (This has given me more confidence than I could have ever had otherwise.)

20) He is generous and kind and honest and good and he’s mine and I am blessed to be his.

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