Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spanish Angels

I’m uneasy on ordinary days.

On ordinary days a simple tick of a second hand irretrievably changes everything.

On ordinary days, you’re moved in an instant from one place to another,

Your return path erased as if it never existed at all.

I’m uneasy on days of crystalline skies with goodwill on their horizon.

“There were seven Spanish angels,
At the alter of the sun.”-Willie Nelson and Ray Charles, Seven Spanish Angels

I prefer foreboding days with aphotic clouds, threatening lightning or a prodigious twister.

On dark days, you prepare for tragedy that never comes.

On ordinary days, tragedy accosts you in the most surprising of ways and never in the same way twice.

On ordinary days, things happen.

A fishing trip goes bad,

A wave washes away two lives.

On ordinary days, the small things last forever.

“There was thunder from the throne.
And seven Spanish angels,
Took another angel home.”-Willie Nelson and Ray Charles, Seven Spanish Angels

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