Monday, December 28, 2009

Renewed Focus for 2010

October 22, 2007 - On this day, I began a journey. I didn't know it at the time, but the journey was to be a life changing one. On this day, I typed a small story about my children and submitted it to DivineCaroline. And then I submitted several more. And then, someone commented that I was their "favorite new writer".

I was hooked.

My early writing was not very good. It was cute, but not good. Looking back now, I can see that it lacked something fundamental to good writing - a purpose.

September 3, 2008 - I wrote my very first political article and with shaking hands and a pounding heart I hit the "publish" button.

And just like that - Kristi the purposeful writer was born.

My political writing is the writing of which I am the most proud. The best piece I believe I have ever written was political and extremely personal. A feat that, in my limited writing experience, is very difficult to pull off. A feat, I've not yet been able to repeat.

My writing has been a bit distracted from the political realm as of late. This is an oversight that I intend to correct in 2010. The health care debate and President Obama's nuanced governing style has been difficult for me to get my arms around. And if I'm being totally honest, I also needed a break from the crazy train the conservatives are currently conducting.

At the end of 2008, I vowed that in 2009 I would write. Just write. And I did -a lot. Now it's time to move that writing to the next level and not just write, but write well - and with a purpose - my purpose.

As 2009 draws to a close, I leave you with what will be the guiding ideals behind in this blog in 2010.

I believe in the power of a singular voice.

I believe a singular voice, when properly focused, can change a heart, a mind, and a community.

I believe a singular voice can turn into a collective one.

And I believe there has never been any positive change in the world that was not initiated first by a singular voice and then by a collective one.

I have a voice. If you're interested, I'll be using it in 2010.


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