Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bye Bye Bayh

I want to be angry at Senator Evan Bayh for announcing his retirement.

I really, really want to be irritated out of my mind that another Democrat is leaving the Senate.

I really, really, really want to be self righteously indignant that Bayh is "abandoning" the good fight.


I can't.

I just can't muster up anything except understanding.

Here's the deal. I like Evan Bayh. When he speaks, I believe what he is saying. I find him to be a thoughtful, intelligent, and genuine guy. I kind of even identify with him. True, he's much more moderate in his political philosophy than I, but there is something about him that I get.

Can you imagine what a skull drag it must be to have to go work everyday and know that the singular goal of forty percent of your coworkers is to stop anything positive you may try to do for your constituents?

Listen up, right wingers (if any of you are thoughtful and interested enough to even be reading) and more importantly, independents - WHEN A MODERATE, REASONABLE, AND QUALIFIED SENATOR, SUCH AS EVAN BAYH, IS FORCED FROM THE SENATE BECAUSE OF OBSTRUCTIONIST PARTISANS WE HAVE A PROBLEM.

A big one.

And if any of you think that giving the Republicans more control, instead of less, is going to help, let me be clear.

You're wrong.


Wake up. Who do you think created the mess we're in? It wasn't a left wing socialist. Or a moderate like Evan Bayh.

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