Monday, January 14, 2013


Just to clarify a few things from the last post... Because I'm all about the yin to the yang, the good to the what the bad teaches, the light that chases the darkness, the universal boomerang of karma.

I am well.

I cannot tell you how much your kind response to my return means to me, because sometimes even I don't have words. I do want you to know, however, that while things have changed and I have changed, I wouldn't change anything about the last three years.

Losing my job was the universe's way of telling me I wasn't where I needed to be. It was its not so subtle way of communicating to me that hiding out in yet another gilded cage was a very stupid idea.

The loss of my confidence was a yet another consequence of me trying to fit my square peg into a round hole.

My yellow dog taught me how to accept unconditional love. When his lesson had been taught, he knew his work was done, although I begged him not to go. He knew another yellow dog was waiting. And so it was that I was given an opportunity to teach unconditional love to a dog that needed the lesson as much as I had five years earlier. It turns out I'm a pretty good teacher and he's a pretty good student. I love him so. As differently as I love my children, but with the same equal measure.

And through everything, I've learned...

So, I write. Last time I wrote so that you would read. I still want you to read. But this time, I write for me.


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