Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Little Too Much Magnesium: A Special Comment on Gun Control

Editor's note: You'll need to click the iPod in the sidebar to turn the music off prior to playing the video. The sound is very important to the total effect.

The attached video is the best argument I can come up with for gun control.

(Yes, I realize there are no guns in the video. However, I also think dangerous chemicals should be tightly controlled and I'm betting this dude has a few guns of his own.)

My feelings about gun control stem from my fear of weapons. Or, more accurately stated, my belief that weapons are most often wielded by people who are either stupid or crazy or both. And I am very, very afraid of stupid, crazy people.

(You can imagine my need for anxiety meds during the eight years that W. had his finger on the trigger of the nation's nukes.)

Now, my gun control argument aside, this video also begs many questions which I need you to help me answer after you watch this one minute and seventeen second piece of social research:

1. Does anyone know the creative genius who added the Deliverance banjo as the sound track to the video? If so, please thank him or her for me. It really made it so much better than it otherwise would be.

2. Was turning out the light prior to ignition really necessary? I think that kind of took away from the suspense the banjo was providing.

3. Since when is experimenting with fireworks a hobby? And for Halloween?

4. If you had almost blown your freaking head off, would "Holy Smokes" be the first thing that came out of your mouth? 'Cause I'm thinking it wouldn't be what I'd go with.

5. Why is he apologizing? And does saying "I won't do that again" seem a wee bit rhetorical to you?

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