Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An Addition to Yesterday's Quips & Quotes

Okay, this was just too good to wait for the next installment. It didn't come from Stepford, but from Alabama and wasn't said to me, but to my Stepmom.

From my Stepmom's neighbor, "Don't let your mom get any vaccines. Obama has had the swine flu added to vaccines to get rid of all the old people."

No comment on what this might do to our infant and toddler populations.

There really is no shortage of stupid people. Of course, the mere existence of Fox News is proof enough of that.


Tawnia said...

You can have your Stepmom tell her neighbor that 90% of our vaccines are made overseas. Not only is that the most stupid thing I have ever heard, it is freaking impossible! Where do people come up with this shit? I suppose this neighbor also thinks after Obama kills our entire senior poulation off he will then come for their money and guns right? What an idiot!

Tawnia said...

population (oops)

Kristi said...

Of course! You can't take their guns unless you remove them from their cold dead hands :-).

distractionscorridor said...

Wow...the anger of the ignorant never ceases to amaze me.

Tawnia said...

When I get excited or emotional, I can't spell. I start typing real fast and getting all upset that I can't get my words out as fast as I can think!lol lol Kristi, as stupid as people are you may need to have a dumb quote of the day instead! I sent you an e-mail, and some pix! It is hard to keep up on all the places I have to be on the internet :)

Kristi said...

Not me Army Wife :-)... they are mad BECAUSE they are stupid.

T, no worries on the typos. I do the same thing. It's really nice on the blog to be able to correct your spelling. That is one thing about DC that was very hard. Once you submitted it... there was no going back!

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