Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Making This Comment Brought Me To Tears

Real honesty, often makes me cry.

As I live and breathe, my experience in Stepford as well. I'm a political creature. And a very liberal one. That doesn't reconcile well in my community. And I struggle. I struggle to be honest about my shortcomings in a community of perfect Christian women. I struggle to be honest about my experiences as a mom in the haven of Christian SAHM's in which I live. I struggle that I experience God in a very different way than anyone else I've ever met personally. I struggle with the fellow congregants at my church. I struggle with how we, as a church family, give money and spend money. Oh, how I struggle. I have no answers for you or myself. Just know, you are not alone. Sometimes just knowing that, is what gets me through.

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J.Me. said...

Oh Kristi.

Tawnia said...

Me too... honey me too :(

Suburban Turmoil said...

Now why can't we all live in the same city?! We would be A FORCE!!

Kristi Stevens said...

Amen Sister.

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