Monday, July 6, 2009

Six Beauty Lessons For My Daughter

My daughter is on a mission to push the boundaries of style. Here are six lessons we've reviewed this week:

1) Repeatedly (and by this I mean like one hundred times) bending over and flipping your hair back over the top of your head to get that wind blown model look seriously comes back to bite you when you try to run a brush through your hair later in the day.

2) Highlighting your hair with nail polish does not give the desired effect. (Yes, I'm serious. Could I make this up?)

3) Using an entire eight ounce bottle of Philosophy's "Purity" facial cleanser doesn't make your face any cleaner that using a dime-sized amount. (And twenty bucks is a lot for one face washing.)

4) Purple panties should never be worn under white shorts - especially when you're going to be up on the altar during children's church. (No, I'm not the only one who noticed, but thanks for trying to make me feel better.)

5) The ladies who work at Philosphy's cosmetic counter at Nordstrom's do not love the smell of Amazing Grace as much as you do. (Yes, we've been discussing the dangers of product overuse. I'm talking to a brick wall.)

6) There is no universe that exists where a sharpie marker can elicit an authentic-looking tatoo. (And even if it did, it would not be appropriate for an eight year old.)


Tawnia said...

I hear ya on this one:) My eight year old has painted her nails with white-out, used a whole bottle of detangle spray to clean my 8ft mirror in the bathroom, and most recently applied a whole bottle of conditioner to her entire body! I think our efforts are falling on deaf ears lol:)
Love Tawnia

distractionscorridor said...

All I can say to either of you is a big 'ole O...M...G.

Kristi Stevens said...

See, Sanny.. that chapstick episode isn't looking too bad now is it :-)?

Kristi Stevens said...

Oh, and Tawnia.. I almost busted my ass in the shower this morning because last night she apparently decided to "clean" the shower with a brand new bottle of conditioner. I have now decide to confiscate any product in the shower that I do not want her to use in it's entirety.

What, will they be doing when they are 16?


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