Sunday, June 7, 2009

Are We Still In Stepford?

Don't freak out. You're in the right place. I've just had a busy weekend.

It came to my attention last week that quite a few Stepford Wives are "blogging". I checked it out and determined what they are really doing is scrapbooking online.


I'm uninterested in pictures of Jack's loose tooth and Emma's Kool-Aid mustache. I also don't need to read about Stepford Hubby's new promotion or the Wife's new Mercedes.

What I was VERY interested in was their web design. Okay, "interested" isn't really the word. "Disturbed" is a better word. Here's the problem - the other Wives' web designs looked, well, er, um... okay - A LOT LIKE MINE!

And this just would not do. No way, no how, could I be using a blog template (as fabulous as I thought it was) that in any way resembled what the other Wives were doing.

So, I got busy.

And - he were are. It's a start, a work in progress, a labor of love.

And nothing from Stepford (that I can find) looks anything like it.



J.Me. said...

I.LOVE.IT!!! It looks GREAT! Where can I get me some?!

SFI Group Inc said...

I liked your old blog, and I like your new one! I saw you had a girl with a martini for awhile, I liked that one too. The look is not as important as the great things you have to say
:) I hate bloggers that tell you all the details of their life including when their kids poop and what they ate! Boring! But I started to think, does my blog resemble theirs? UH OH! Hey, I want you to write a piece for me. Let me know when you can!Love Tawnia

Kristi Stevens said...
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Kristi Stevens said...

Thanks Girls - J, this template came from T, I liked the martini girl too but thought she was a bit too sexy :-).


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