Saturday, June 6, 2009

Defending Yourself in the Workplace - DivineCaroline

I've been so tempted to comment on this mish mash of anti-Obama/liberal/Dem ranting, but every time I hit "add a comment" I can't figure out where to start. I've decided not to comment on this on DivineCaroline. First, I don't want to draw any extra attention to this mess and second, there are not enough characters in the comment box to adequately address everything that is wrong with this article.

On the bright side, Ms. Gibson's voice is about as clear as any other I've heard on the conservative side. At least for now, they continue to struggle to find someone, anyone, that can string more than two understandable sentences together.

Holy cow. This is a heck of a thing to start off with as a “First Article,” but with everything happening today in the world...


Tawnia said...

I let her have it! I threw my favorote bible text at her from Matthew.

Tawnia said...

favorite oops!

Kristi Stevens said...

Okay - after she responded to you I couldn't take it and gave in and commented. Seriously, the whole article is just one big judgement about liberals = Satan. I'm so tired of Conservative Christians belly aching about being persecuted for their beliefs. They have no problem persecuting anyone who disagrees with them AND they enjoy more freedom of religion than any other population on the planet! Please, Ms. Gibson - go save someone - and you might want to start with yourself.

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